Corefact Virtual Listings Frequently Asked Questions

What is Virtual Listings?

It's a new way for real estate agents and brokers to order online and offline marketing for their listings in one place. Marketing and promoting their listings has never been easier. They just enter their data once and apply it to multiple products.

What products are available on Virtual Listings?
  • NEW: Virtual Property Websites
  • Just Listed Postcards (exclusive designs)
  • Property Flyers (exclusive designs)
  • Door Hangers (exclusive designs)
How does it work?

If you do not have a Corefact account, you will need to register for one and enter the necessary information into your profile. If you already have a Corefact account, you will just login to their account and the link to Virtual Listings will be in the top navigational bar in the store. Alternately, you can go directly to Virtual Listings by using this URL: Once in Virtual Listings, you will be prompted to add a listing. Enter all the information into the required fields and upload your property photos. Your Corefact profile information will automatically populate into all Virtual Listings products. Once entered, you will have an opportunity to choose and order any of the products offered through Virtual Listings by clicking the 'Promotion' button on any of your Virtual Listings listings.

How much does it cost?

The single property websites are $19.99 per listing for one year. Pricing for the postcards, property flyers, and door hangers vary depending on quantity and mailing preference.

How long are my single property websites hosted?

All single property websites are hosted for 12 months from the date of purchase.

What is the URL for the single property website and can I change it?

The URL for each single property website will be an extension of the domain followed by a unique identifier and the address of the property. An example would be: Currently, they will be unable to register their own domain for their single property website via Virtual Listings. Version two of Virtual Listings will have that option. They can however, purchase their own unique URL, from any domain provider, and redirect it to their single property website on Virtual Listings.

Can agents and brokers set up a single property website for a pre-listing appointment?

Yes, they can add a listing and show it in preview mode without purchase, but only from your logged-in Virtual Listings account.

Can a second agent profile be added on their single property website?

Yes. A second agent profile can be included. This can be setup in your Corefact profile/account under personal information. Click add a second profile at the bottom of the page.

What happens when a visitor requests a showing from my single property website?

You are immediately notified via email. The name and email address of the person requesting the showing will also be in the 'Contacts & Leads > Leads' section. Click the 'See my Virtual Listings leads' to view all lead activity.

Are there other calls to action on my single property website?

Yes. In addition to the request a showing feature (which is automatically checked to appear on your single property websites), there are three other calls to action available. They are: Notify me when offers are made on the property, when the property is pending or sold, and when similar properties are listed. PLEASE NOTE: These notifications must be manually fulfilled by the real estate agent and are not automated through Virtual Listings. If you choose to allow these notifications on your single property website, you will need to monitor and process all email requests manually.

What is the performance section in Virtual Listings?

The performance section lets you see at a glance the number of marketing products you are using via Virtual Listings, as well as giving you some statistics on your single property website. You will be able to see the number of visitors, showings requested, and all other notification requests. Details of the notification requests will be located in your Corefact 'Contact & Leads > Leads' section.

What happens if their property sells and they don't want it online anymore?

Once you have purchased and published your single property website, you will have the option to unpublish the site at any time during the 12 months of your purchase. Go to the property listing, click promotion and then unpublish.

Do you have an example of the single property website that I can see?

Yes, click one of the links below to see sample single property websites

What about the other marketing material in Virtual Listings? Are they the same designs in the Corefact store?

The marketing material in Virtual Listings is new and not available in the store. The designs are fresh and complementary to each other for an attractive listing marketing package.

What's the process for ordering postcards, property flyers, and door hangers?

Once you've input all of the listing information, you choose 'Promotion' and these products will be available to order. You choose one of the templates, and your information will flow into the Corefact print editor where you can review and make any revisions. The checkout process will be the same as it is now when you order print materials.

What if I want to use a different design?

You can still go to the store and use any design, but your information from Virtual Listings will not import data to other designs or orders from the store