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Real Estate Home Estimate Postcards

Finally, a postcard that provides timely home value information to your recipient!
Remember, when they scan the QR code to view their free home estimate, you are immediately notified so you can follow up and schedule a complimentary visit to share a complete comparative home market analysis.

• Learn how to update neighborhood Home Estimate settings for the perfect estimate.
• If you are in a non-disclosure state, see your options for sending mailers with a home estimate QR code.

• 3 Postcard Sizes • UV Coating Options Available

Here are six reasons why real estate professionals should consider mailing postcards to their geographical farm and sphere of influence with the Corefact Home Estimate QR Code:

Instant Home Value Information: By including the Corefact Home Estimate QR Code on your postcards, you provide homeowners with a convenient and instant way to access a free home value estimate. Homeowners can scan the QR code using their phone's camera, eliminating the need to search for information or type in a website URL.

Lead Generation: When homeowners scan the QR code and view their home value estimate, you will receive a notification, so you can follow up. By promptly following up with a Pop-Up Card or Note Card, real estate professionals can seize the opportunity to convert these leads into clients and build relationships.

Increased Engagement: The inclusion of a Home Estimate QR code on postcards encourages homeowners to engage with the content. Scanning the QR code to view their free home value estimate creates an interactive experience and encourages them to spend more time with the postcard. This increased engagement enhances the likelihood of homeowners remembering the real estate professional's name and message, leading to a stronger connection.

Personalized Follow-up: The QR code and subsequent notifications enable real estate professionals to tailor their follow-up approach. By knowing that a homeowner has scanned the Home Estimate QR code and viewed their home value estimate, they can initiate a follow-up conversation that addresses the homeowner's specific interests and concerns. This personalized approach demonstrates attentiveness and professionalism, increasing the chances of converting leads into clients.

Convenient and User-Friendly: The Corefact Home Estimate QR Code simplifies the process of accessing home value estimates for homeowners. Rather than navigating a website or filling out forms, they can quickly and easily scan the QR code with their phone's camera. This user-friendly experience enhances the homeowners' perception of the real estate professional's services and reflects positively on their expertise and modern approach.

Value-Added Service: Including the Corefact Home Estimate QR Code on postcards demonstrates that real estate professionals go above and beyond to provide value to homeowners. A free home value estimate is a tangible benefit that can attract homeowners' attention and differentiate the real estate professional from competitors. It positions them as knowledgeable and helpful resources in the local market, fostering trust and increasing the likelihood of future engagements.