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Agent Announcement Postcard

Real Estate Postcard Series - Seniors & Retirees

Unlock the untapped potential of senior homeowners in your community with our engaging postcards. Connect with seniors who may be ready to sell their homes and offer personalized solutions. Build trust, and position yourself as the go-to real estate professional for their unique needs.

• Postcard Dimensions: 8.5” x 5.5”

• UV Coating Options Available

• Personalize with First Name, City Name, and Address

• Free Home Estimate & Any URL QR Code

• Options for non-disclosure states

• Learn how to update Home Estimate settings

• Free Lead Notifications

• Follow up with your leads with Pop-Up Cards


Here are four reasons why top agents send postcards to senior homeowners in their community:

Targeted Marketing: Senior homeowners often have unique needs and considerations when it comes to real estate. Top agents can effectively target this market segment by sending postcards specifically tailored to their demographic. They can showcase their expertise in assisting seniors with downsizing, navigating retirement communities, or accessing resources for aging in place. This targeted marketing approach helps agents connect with senior homeowners who are more likely to require their services.

Relationship Building: Sending postcards to senior homeowners allows top agents to establish and nurture relationships with this demographic. Regularly staying in touch with valuable and relevant information demonstrates care and concern for their needs. It helps build trust and positions the agent as a knowledgeable resource in the senior real estate market. By consistently providing valuable insights and support, agents can foster long-term relationships and become trusted advisor for seniors in their community.

Informing About Options: Senior homeowners may be considering various housing options as they navigate retirement or lifestyle changes. Sending postcards allows top agents to inform seniors about options, such as downsizing, aging-in-place modifications, or senior-friendly communities. In addition, agents can highlight the benefits and services specific to seniors, helping them make informed decisions about their living arrangements. This proactive approach ensures that seniors have access to valuable information and resources during their housing transitions.

Referrals and Recommendations: Senior homeowners often have extensive networks and can be influential in their communities. By sending postcards and providing valuable services to this demographic, top agents increase the likelihood of receiving referrals and recommendations. Satisfied senior clients may recommend the agent to their friends, family members, or neighbors considering real estate transactions. Word-of-mouth marketing within the senior community can significantly boost an agent's reputation and lead generation efforts.

By sending postcards to senior homeowners, top agents can target their marketing, build relationships, inform about options, and increase the likelihood of referrals. This focused approach helps agents connect with seniors, understand their unique needs, and position themselves as trusted advisors in the senior real estate market.