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Just Sold

A Just Sold Postcard is one of the best real estate direct mailing postcards to promote yourself as an agent.
Position yourself as a major player in the area and let homeowners know that they can trust you with their most valuable asset.
• 3 Postcard Sizes • UV Coating Options Available
• If you are in a non-disclosure state see your options for sending mailers with a home estimate QR code.

Here are 5 reasons real estate agents mail Just Sold Postcards to their farms.

1. Demonstrates Success:
Mailing just sold postcards to your farm demonstrates your success as a real estate agent, which can help build trust and credibility with potential clients. By showcasing your recent sales, you show that you have experience and can deliver results.

2. Increases Brand Awareness:
By including your branding and contact information on the Just Sold Postcard, you increase your visibility and make it easy for people to contact you if they need your services. This can help position you as a trusted and knowledgeable real estate agent in your community.

3. Generates Referrals:
Mailing Just Sold Postcards can help generate referrals from members of your farm who may know someone looking to buy or sell a property. Keeping your brand top-of-mind and demonstrating your success increases the chances that someone will recommend your services to others.

4. Reinforces Relationships:
Mailing Just Sold Postcards can help reinforce relationships with members of your farm who may have previously worked with you. By showcasing your recent sales and thanking them for their business, you are demonstrating your appreciation and potentially increasing the chances that they will work with you again in the future.

5. Provides Valuable Information:
Just Sold Postcards can provide valuable information to members of your farm by giving them an idea of what homes are selling for in their area. This can help position you as a resource for your community and build a positive reputation for your business.